standing, leaning
barley over the edge
falling, dripping
tears of dread

they prosecute violence
as a crime
but every day silence takes a life

turning, releasing
finds comfort within
discovers a blessing
from once unforgivable a sin

one word from you could save a life
synonymous to violence
so is silence evidence of a crime

breathing deep breaths
rediscovering life
taking small steps
away from suicide

not a word was spoken
but she was saved
by learning to be broken
and yielding to her faith

the things you keep
shamefully inside
could so easily
work to make things right
and words of comfort should be easier said
to some one standing so close to the edge

war is allowed
the sounds of explosions
while we sit mute
shut mouths claim millions

A man was condemned
violence his crime
but the silent are allowed every day to take lives

ignorance is bliss
no pen or sword
it was a kiss
that betrayed our Lord

So many live an empty life
and you say nothing
because your shy

Use ur fingers to play
your voice to cry
don't let silence
be your crime

Marie Clay

9 comentários:

DoMaLaYs disse...


i will use my finger

Jaydee disse...

As will I...

crazynik disse...

good lyrics...is this a song?

mClay disse...

no, maybe it will be

kathy disse...

make it into one!! and record it! and send it to me!!! :D i love you.

kathy disse...

make it into one!! and record it! and send it to me!!! :D i love you.

maria disse...

Awsome Marie....you do have such a way with words!! Inteligent lyrics--Not too emotional or sappy.
and i do miss hearing your voice...record a song..Pulease

ragingplanetfire disse...

Nice...fingers are cool! Hey, more poetry please...and you'll see i finally added a link of yours on my blog.

Take care.

Anônimo disse...

to us voices
who sometimes speak not

to pray
to bypass out shy pride
or opinions of men
or concerns for self energy

it remains
the J.O.Y. come
from giving our lives away
& we get 100 fold
& in Heavenly pay