shooting the breeze??

everything is moving a bit too slow for me, I try and confuse myself by keeping a fast pace schedule but after I've 'snapped to' the long list of daily MUSTS, I find myself walking up and down wishing I had left something undone so I wouldn't feel so work less and... pensive? All I can do it think, think and think and think about things I could be doing, things I can't do because I have no way of doing them. There are somethings I can always do, jog, eat, read... reading is fairly new to me and I find myself reading a lot more then my required amount these days; also I've expanded my interests and I now have a desire to just read from almost any topic. Book-worming is not a very Marie thing to do; who knows, maybe its a Clay thing to do? I've only been Clay for about a year; who knows what she likes to do? She, I, could be totally into books, litterateur, etc. Or maybe it all stems back to the fact that I have way too much time on my hands. Blogging is a manifestation of this time, if you start to notice me posting twice in one evening, its because I am trying to fill this empty space.
(the brake down)
Damn it! I am a strong, healthy, able body! Not a couch potato. there is too much I want to do with my life, I want to live for the Lord and do things that will take longer then this one lifetime gives me room for, I some times feel I'm throwing bits of eternity into the wind. And shooting the breeze? Who invented that? One should never shoot the breeze, its a waits of ammo. I need a target, thats it! I need to clean the girl's room, can't wait to throw away Jesse's crummy purse. And she wont be here to stop me Whahahaha. She'll be at the XD very soon.
(new development)
Also, its seems Little Rock is short a gal so I have been asked to join the band. This means I am actually going to have my work cut out for me as the band has a 2 hour rehearsal 4-7 days a week. Despite my desire to fill empty space I wasn't at all thrilled. In fact I'm not really looking forward to singing in some gloomy bar scenario on my weekends. I hate system musical as well. I am going to be asking the band to add some sweet Family love songs into the ensemble.
love you all. end of ramblings

PS. Phill is coming back from the FDTP tonigh "Hurah"

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crazynik disse...

wow I miss you hun...I always do, but this post kinda made me go "awwwww....that's the Marie I love"
ur in my prayers XXXX
glad you get to be part of a band, and yes, definitely gotta throw some Fam stuff in there!!

Teeny disse...

Hehe, you and Phil get along...thats good.

Oh, and check out the post I made for you on my blog, like I promised I would. I miss you!! sniff...


mClay disse...

PHill and I get along yes, he came back from the XD all grown up... I swaer he even looks cuter! I guess its the Lord's love light in his eyes.

Jaydee disse...

Prayin for you dolly...and yeah...definantly try and stick more Family music in there...to hell wit it, try and make it all family music and "BLAST'M"... compromise ain't my thing no more...

Lovin you

out peace

Anônimo disse...

JayDee, I meant to tell ya,,,why dont U do a song from ,,,,"When the Spirit of the Lord moves in me, I rap like king David" ya know?


Be back with U soon Marie
Prayer Powers are moving across the waters of the Family to Revolute Again,,,,


kathy disse...

marie your sooo sweet and bautiful. i love you!.

hey i was gona ask, can you post the words and chords to 'close your eyes'?? pleasE? i love you!!!!!!!!

Jess disse...

You wouldnt dare throw away my stuff, love, thats just too mean. I'll miss you... since I will be away for about 3 weeks. You may read without me, sorry we werent able to finish the book. Have a blast without me...hehe. kissies of love.

mClay disse...

throw it away!? yeah right, hve fun at the XD, I miss you hun.
da, thats a killer idea. JD should look into it

Anônimo disse...

belated by timeless (that means it transcends time:D prayer for MClay
& all,,,,

JESUS,,,Master of Music
Send Lucern,,who took lucifers place,,(he had musical instruments in his body no) & all the heavenly musical Keys & Artists,,that they can handle,,so she & they can Really Jive (ole word for rock out) & Enjoy & Have Fun while they work & give their lives for You & Urs JESUS (wanna make ya happy JESUS:),,,,& help them with their Holy Ghosts Samples,,,,& me too,,since i havent figured how it's gonna work,,solo:(

I been practicing more :D
B Free Marie

Holy Sea

Jaydee disse...

you know...thats a great idea...I'm fully down.

I'll start rappin like King David...

mClay disse...

holly sea? That you Ho? Nice

Judah disse...

Oh, Marie, Marie! How I do miss thee! Wish you were here. It's Sam's birthday soon (3 days the 8th dont forget!) and tomorrow night he has a gig with one of his bands. Judah is naughty Marie!!! Well, in a smart and loving way. He loves corn and loves you!

Praying for you!