Riotous living

Let’s see, counting with tonight we have had five parties in a row. Now call me silly but, how much longer shall we be expected to wake up at 7am, stay up late eating savory food, thin sliced, juicy, grilled steak! Not to mention all the beer a 21 year old feels is within his/her limit. Well it is true that Pedro only turns 25 once, but what about tonight? Is that massive wedding cake for Pedro as well? I can’t be expected to wake up at 7am!
Fine! I’ll go ahead and scarf down half a kilo of beef, maybe throw in some sausage! Oh, I’m taking these beers with me! And as far as that slice of cake! I’m on a diet!...so your just going to have to save it for my breakfast tomorrow, I’ll have it with my cup of ultra think coffee!
PS, when is my human pillow showing up?

Please note that the cigar belongs to one of our active members, It just went so well with the sombrero

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thisisme disse...

Sweet, that sounds like fun... hope your enjoying yourself:D

mClay disse...

argh, if only the fun would stop! I need rest.

Anônimo disse...

yes Brasil is number one party country,
I guess u have to become one to a certain extent,
jus watch out for "condomble"(sp)
& other spirits of the seductive darkness :

O, I know you guys kick-ass to Any demons,,

I guess it's jus because, I read something about how to eat better to prevent cancer,,,,,& I figure it fits very well in out attmepts as a Family & endtime warriors,,to eat, better!
But u guys sure seem to burn off all impurities , hopefully pretty fast. Like me surfing.

Anyway, sorry for any too serious a cercern,,but, u can read the anti-cancer advice on my blog, which is a main link on my web site now! LOVE U ALL,,did u see Angel & Sams new baby? :D

a pa

mClay disse...

Totaly, tks for the in-put da