What gets me going

2 Corinthians 3:17. where the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.
What a beautiful verse no?
I fire up when ever on the topic of freedom of the spirit. There is no limit. Unto the pure all things are pure.
Listen to this beautiful quote I just found.

"A Revolution is a total break with the traditions of Man & his churches & his preconceived ideas about God & misconceptions of morality. We have turned completely around & are going a different direction, no longer Man's way, but God's way, & we are free to enjoy to the full the beauties & wonders of His Creation with all of its pleasures which He Himself created for our enjoyment.
If you are not young enough in spirit, pliable enough, resilient enough & elastic enough to expand your vision & faith to accommodate this new wine of the Lord, you will certainly be unable to take what is coming & your vessel now shaken will be truly shattered! BUT THAT'S LIFE & THE REVOLUTION, WHICH IS BUILT ONLY WITH NEW BOTTLES on the broken remains of the old!"

Morality it seems has been misconstrued. Mammon has mad a mockery of freedom. The beautiful simplicity God gave us is now looked on as folly, ignorance. Even to believe in God is considered stupid, but if there is no love, no freedom, and to believe in God is wrong the I don’t wana be right!
We live in a world that tells us it alright to kill, jealousy is a healthy thing. Persecute those that persecute you.
I’ve grown sick of man’s wisdom, it stinks to God. In God’s eyes we are all naked. In His great wisdom he crafted us after his own image; our original form was bare and unclothed. Sex was his first commandment. Loving each other is our greatest evidence that we are His’ disciples.
“A revolution is a total break with the traditions of man”. Jesus broke ever damn tradition in a world that thrived off its traditions and we are still feeling the aftermath. He broke so many bottles, and I must confess is braking my very bottle today and I love it!

So we danced; Jess and I missed the memo asking no one to show up in bikinis. We were a little embarrassed at first but the Lord worked it out for the best. We danced in front of the banner to the music made by the first Family song writers. We thrust tracts into the hands of each and every soul fortunate enough to have made it that day. Souls were saved, and so was mine as I reveled in the beauty of my fellow brides; we sang and danced in a language I can barely understand. The guitars had a voice of their own.
The world needs to see the burning light of God’s few people. To my surprise we didn’t meet with many atheists or realists; instead we were met with many smilling faces thrilled to finally see the true church dancing and singing “happy is the man who’s God is the Lord”.
Brazil is in my opinion a highly self-righteous country and its morals are almost completely based on Catholicism. You can wear a thong to the beach but never walk around in a towel even in your own home. Kind of reminds me of that illustration in an old Mo letter where this woman gasps as a poor mortified guy by mistake catches a glimpse of her in her massive underwear, moments latter she comes out in a “ittsy-bittsy, teeny-weeny, yellow poca dot bikini”. Ha.
I can never pay the Lord back for giving me the Family. For giving me a radical take on free salvation and the privilege to be his wife and lover. I feel undeserving, what I give back to him is pitiful to what he’s given me. Let’s be Radicals guys! Lets be Elijah, King David, Moses, Marry Magdalene. Lets be anything but churchy!! Lets be Jesus.

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Jaydee disse...

I.......aammmmm feeeeeelin mmmmyy "Jesusssssss imperssssinationnnn commmmin onnnnn...

mClay disse...

wow man, you suck at being Jesus.

thisisme disse...

Amen, tell so true RI... and I meant the post, not the JayDee comment. Though he does suck at being Jesus too.. hehehe

Anônimo disse...

well, we should all suck ,,,aaaahh

clarification---> we have a vaccum, a need, we spirituallly SUCK
with the Stuff
that FREES the World

anyways, I'm sure u could make it more creative &

Anyway, the reason I wanted to post was to show how inSpired I yam to see the Holy Ghost Buster Sample there,,,,

I take it U were present too Ree.

note: IIII feeelll ,,
Being Like HIM Means One with HIM & HIS,,& being that Creation He intends,,,

ok,,u knew that,,
now I feel like Dre n his pic(that iz him right?),,

kathy disse...


mClay disse...

Huray! and now I'm off again to do a loving jesus night at the FDTP! TYJ, Im so happy.

Josie disse...

thats so cool marie! Im happy for you, I could even see my "little" bro
with his guitar playing...too cool!
the family is fun, teens are fun, have fun! love you!

mClay disse...

yeah, he is such a good little guitarist. Love you Josie..XOXO

Anônimo disse...

clarification 2:

sorry 4 being too serious about JayDee being like JESUS.

I think an afro Jd looking JESUS would be cool.

pls pray for me concerning Unity, Sheperding, Activated witness standard, Heeding checks (obeying) & finances. Tks Loves for being a rocking sample. OXOXOXOX


mClay disse...

for sure da, anything for you

Anônimo disse...


I was trying to imagine JD or any of us trying to impersonate JESUS


or maybe his Brides,,


Jaydee disse...

Still feeling my Jesus impersination comin on....ya'll can't stop me...
oh, look at me go... I'm Jesus

Anônimo disse...

trying not to over post here :(

BUT cant resist,,HAPPY HAPPY B DAY JD,,WHOOOOPEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEeeeee!

Wild Flower disse...

Hey, I finally found your blog. I really like it. I never get tired of those pictures (Holy Ghost Sample ones). I have one in my pc screen saver.
Keep up it up. I love your passion for Jesus! Catch you around,
Esther WW