Friday the 13th

So its Friday the 13th and if you’re a superstitious person you’ll go running for cover least some evil thing should befall you. However, for the people in my family Friday the 13th is a very grand occasion. We celebrate the birth and life of my dear older brother.

I meant to sit and think of something very clever to say, I meant to post this very silly song I wrote you. I even thought I should get a prophecy for you. However, as usual I lost track of time. It’s the end of my very busy day and finally I get to sit down at the computer to check my very empty mail box, that’s when I saw one of my friends status quotes. “happy Friday the 13”! Horror of all horrors, where did the time go!

So here I am trying to come up with something off the top of my head to describe just how much my brother means to me. All I can think of so say is I wish he was here with me now. I wish we were watching the Pan American games together; it all starts on Friday the 13th. I’m watching wild Brazilian dancers, they seem of be celebrating your birthday for me (Brazilian Style). I have a lot of brothers and I wish I had them all with me right now, but each brother has his place. Jay Dee’s is somewhere between me and the popcorn bowl. Even though it’s annoying that he’ll consume the whole thing within the first 5 minuets wile some how never taking his eyes off the TV, its comforting to know I can find him later in the kitchen; when no ones around he’ll be rummaging through what to other people is garbage and junk food rappers for those last tasty crumbs at the bottom of the chip bags.

There is something very comforting about his presence. He is the kind of big brother every girl dreams of. We are happiest when we don’t live together though, the terms “harlot” and “wigger” are then seen as adoring nick names.

It’s amazing to see his life moving and growing. He’ll be a daddy soon. this means I am no longer his baby and most trusted companion.
I must admit I had fun taking care of him when his heart had been broken and he desperately sought my “mothering”. I confess to feeling smug when the shit hit the fan for him so to speak. It was my chance to play the good Samaritan and show my godlike ability to forgive him for all the evil doings of our childhood. I’ve seen him morph into a caring, lovable young man through his many hurts and growing pains. Now is the part where he reaps the happiness he gave to the Lord so long ago. The Lord is giving you back 100% of what you lost and more brother.

Jay Dee will be the best father too. When Terry is tired and the kids are driving her mad, he’ll sit them down and tell them a long, dull story about how he used to be a bastard/jerk while fondly recalling childhood memories (tackling the swarming mob of younger brothers).

I cringe at the picture in my mind's eye. If all three were to climb atop each other they would still be inches shorter then him. Not really a fair fight.
The many times he abused his weight by using it to steal food off the plates of the more meager members of our family.
Then he’ll tell them about how he met their mom and just when the kids are begging to be set free from his two hour gushing, he’ll tickle them till they either pee their pants or apologies to their mom. Who can withstand Jay Dee’s tickling sessions. His kids will probably call me as only family can really relate and sympathize with how truly frightening it is to be tickled by this monster.

So I guess all that is left is for me to do is tack of the leash and throw a stick into the wilderness. When Jay Dee looks at me with those big brown eyes as if to say “but I want to stay here with you”! I’ll burst into tears and yell “GO”. Just go, get out of here”! I’ll feel the deep burn of having to lie to him but I’ll do it knowing its for the best. He was meant for the wild after all. End of Analogy.
Happy Birthday Bro.

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Jaydee disse...

Thats pretty much some of the sweetest things you ever said about me. tx...I'll try and do the same for you on your birthday... I love you Ree...

mClay disse...

love you

crazynik disse...

aww that's so sweet
Love you JayDee, happy Birthday!
and Marie...muah I miss you my luv

kathy disse...

awwwwwww i loved that marie! xox

mClay disse...

wow kat, nice pic..super sexy

thisisme disse...

Happy birthday man...