Hand puppet socks, XD Mascots

Well guys, same ol same ol. Only I have a little personal thrill waiting around the corner, Im sure you don't want to know about that. snort"

At this time I would like to take a moment to commend (and envy) all you who are entering the XD training camp!
I think its super exciting and so incredibly great that The Family is taking time (and clearly a lot of effort) to pour into our family youth. This has been a long time need I think.
However, some where in the mastering of this very sophisticated project, a very essential some one decided that the 21-22 year olds from places like "BRAZIL" would have to be left out of the festivities. Well, maybe its a bit unfair to call them festivities as its going to be solid hours of intense spiritual training. On the bright side or maybe just an extreme optimist's view, it could be the ultimate complement that we were not included. Perhaps the 21-22 year olds of Brazil are so spiritually enlightened that we don't need the training. However being that I am neither spiritually enlightened to the extent I would like to be, nor am I an extreme optimist, I thus went through a short lived faze of resentment along with (a poor estimate of) 3 dozen others.
I prayed and asked the Lord to cool the color of my face that had gone from a sweet tan to a horrific red. In the process our sweet lover who is always understanding, approached the matter in this very clever way.
Ehem... ""(Jesus speaking)""
My sweet love, I know you feel very left out right now, this isn't the first time you've missed the boat by only seconds and its starting to make you feel viciously singled out. I understand completely. Imagine how I felt; while all the other guys my age we preparing for romance, marriage and wealth I was preparing myself for a horrific and very lonely death. how's that for being left out.
No I'm not picking on you sweet heart, in fact I plan on making it up to you.
During this time when your room mate is away receiving her training I will be spending extra special time with you and you can eat right out of my hand and receive everything you otherwise would miss out on. If you have the faith I will reveal to you everything I am showing the others (including hot tips for sex, wink wink).

Alas, what more could I ask for then hot sex tips right from the source! I think the training has already commenced as last night I had this particularly vivid dream where... well, anyway!
Also during the XD a very special some one is coming for a little visit! Meow.
(back on the subject at hand) Please take a moment to feast on the following poem; I was inspired to write it the other day in honor of the XD.

In these intense times of preparation
cool tips for sex and masturbation
will be included absolutely, for certain
as you are propelled into this new era of action.

In order to get your fix
Along with the home's usual GN
Some must wake up at 5.60
Which is really
A dramatic take on 6: am.

Long hours will be spent receiving prophecies
Watching award winning analogies
Provided by Cringe and Stretch.
YAs will cheer
The whole home draws near
Just for a chance to watch
Two hand puppet socks
Crowd surfing at Word Stock.

Because the battle in the spirit is so thick and there is much at stake
We are encouraging you all to "shtick" and thought it would be great
If those of you who are of age
During this time are allowed to date.

Not to take things away from the focus
Because as you may have noticed
Our classes will be back to back
Indeed there will be nothing this time of "Sharing" will lack.

Peace and love to all. I love you

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thisisme disse...

I know how you feel honestly, I missed the FDTP for both here in EE and in the NACRO area and I'm missing the XD too so yeah... But its all cool, I know the Lord will make it up for both of us (and the other few that managed to fall through the cracks somewhere around there)

Jaydee disse...

i wont be able to go, but it aint like im not gettin fed...i'm sneekin some yummy word of my girl. its a "feed me under the table" thing.

out peace

Anônimo disse...

So, u guys feel left out,,,,I mean you did,,,,,I pray u don't,,,which means to continue in HVNLY LOVA MODE,,,,how about me?

Well, I am same boat,,,maybe further
maybe nearer,
due to near by earth quake
in didnt feel
broken a few large windows out
a big business & left 1000 w/o power
& shook both sides of Sodom'd (aka Sn Fransisco )Bay Area

It's good time,,to really getinto ProActSpiritHelper Prayers

No Doubt

Love On

at least u guys have others to keep u convicted to clean up ur messes,,LOL

but, I have Spirits on my case

so Whoooray Whoopeeeyayokayai

mClay disse...

same here man, i feel iike such a scally-wag..how do you think I knew about those hot sex tips?? wink wink, what was that about under the table JD?? hem

mClay disse...

EARTH QUAKE", man...heavy

Jaydee disse...

under the table was my way of sayin she is "feeding" me the word, secretly. as in throwin ya dog food under the table...as in, im being able to get fed, as in..mm never mind
out peace

mClay disse...

Yes I think its safe to say i got it the first time you clever beast you

ragingplanetfire disse...
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ragingplanetfire disse...

hi there! I saw your comment on my blog, you're more then welcome to include a link to my site.

Have a good day or night.

Josie disse...

Im envying ours sweet YAs too, and I think I could use some of that training, but God knows, what am i suppose to do??? trusting there'll be something for our age...hopefully.

Wild Flower disse...

Oh yeah! I huge "get together" for all the SGA's of all Latin America. Well...the Lord always gives us something better than what he takes away. Sorry,YA's. Just you wait! BTW, how old are? 22?

Wild Flower disse...

Feel free to link me up. I linked you already. I didn't get to see you when I passed by Rio last week. I put up a post of the trip...
Love you

mClay disse...

nice, I'm 21..be 22 on 8th of Nov.
love ya Esther

Anônimo disse...

i think Ree was insinuating or hinting u have sex under the table,,hahaha

TYJ 4 Our Most High & Greatest Lover & Baby (Knew Disciple) Maker!

Praise HIM \O/