Hey guys! Pray for me mKay??
My world is about be be outrageously rocked (again) and I can't wait to see where on God's green earth I shall end up... who knows, maybe I'll wander up to ur doorstep and let myself in... my next room mate could be YOu, or YOu, or yes.. even YOU!
Actually, I have this feeling I'll wined up some place very remote where I'll end my days quietly trimming roses, polishing wine glasses that haven't been used in centuries! That would be quite a change no? Change is good, when ever I think of change, I think of being rapped helplessly in menacing, yet hopelessly mysterious arms, my conflicting emotions "Yes, NO, Yes, No, Yes, no, YES"!
As you can imagine, I'm a little on the nervous side, quiet and collected yes, always, but my voice tends to give way to restrained emotions like "Hey Rachelle, these beans are super gOOOOD!!
Don't worry, I finally have a clue of the Lord's objective in making me run around like a chicken with my head cut off. You see, as many a wise doctor will conclude, the best way to get an insane person well, is to help them confront their insanity until they become board of it and simply grow out of it, like a teen age obsession relatable to wearing baggy pants, Sponge Bob under-wear, or black lip liner.. Don't look at me that way, Sponge Bob taught me a lot about positivity, he is an icon for many a morbid youth.
So All I have to do is continue never knowing who, what, where or when, until I finally grow mature spiritually and have greater faith to ask the Lord for step by step, Exact direction.
simple as pie

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iVn (aka Eric) disse...

U look wonderful w/that burger.


iVn (aka Eric) disse...

sorry, i over looked ur plea due to your faith & humor ,lol

JESUS, Knower of ALL
ALL our lives n detail
U are the Most True Know-it-all
because You really do
& You have proved yourself Humble
& True to Your Word & Actions.

Now, Marie & we all in this Revolution 4 U Lord,
desperately need your help,
in Love with You
in-line with Your Thoughts & Plans
for each soul

Tks for giving Marie,,,revelations (the Key thereof)
Key of Destiny, Fortune, OpenDoors, closed doors,
Prayer, Prohecy, Vision, confirmation, Godly Councel, MoreFaith,,,,Love that casts our fear,,,,assurance, brotherhood, Cathers, Unity, wildcats,,,Fury against demons,,,,Victory & Praise Squads,,,,Key of millions for the billions for our missions!
Wings of Youth!

Wheeewwww,,there ya go,,flying above,,,,,,light as a feather,,,faster that a speeding bullet,,,,,Ur Hero Modus Operandi,,
ZOOMMM Crash BOOM,,,,smush the enemies,,,,LONG LIVE the Knights & Lady warriors,,,of our Clan,,,


See ya

Jaydee and Terri disse...

sponge bob? yes....baggy pants...well, its a hard one that only God himself can get me out of... so my apologies in advance for my seeming slow growth...

lol.... Love you...
there is more true to the beginning part of the post then not...polishing wine bottles is more close to the truth then not...Love you lil sis

out peace

Judah disse...

Shall you end up at my door step?

mClay disse...

one big freakin HA!... tear

Anônimo disse...

happy bean bob burger

did u know I have a Praise helper called KeyBob?

Yup & LaLan


Bouncing on the magic spong bob

he likes it

we'll bounce th system out a him

see Jd/Terrz blog for wineglass comment,,OXOX

Jaydee and Terri disse...

Hahaha...I can't believe it...i laughed at "Bouncing on the magic sponge Bob"! hahaha

Anônimo disse...


i feel blesst

Anônimo disse...

a must see

remember Amy who had kidney probs?
and Mike her sweetheart & son of Kitty?

U have to see this clip!

Be patient, it's almost 10min long (highly worth it) & 1st part is this nice young doctor showing his great work,,then,,the Good Part!

Jn 15:13



mClay disse...

haha, magic spong bob...

crazynik disse...

praying for you hun

iVn (aka Eric) disse...

saw u dancn 4 bite me


Lv ya

pa junebug

Anônimo disse...

ooops,,that wasnt "bite me" but a bit for me,,,,O my,,typing iz so limited & weird,,,,see ya,,Daughter of the Dance,,get it,,with the Lord of the same@ HAPPY Christ_mas & more blessings 4 U