The Illuminati hates Beans

Do you know why Brazilians have such amazing physiques? It's the beans I tell you!
There isn't a decent place you can go to eat here that wont offer a variety of bean plates. Even the smaller restaurants always have black beans and rice.

The first home I came to in Brazil would pretty much eat beans for lunch five days out of the week. It took some time to get accustomed to it, but now when I don't have beans served with a meal at least 4 times a week, I start to twitch; feel like something is missing.
Nothing can satisfy you like some well made black beans and whole rice, with just these two you are guarantied ALL the vitamins and minerals a healthy minded person would strive to obtain in a well balanced diet.
It seems to me that the lower class Brazilians are even MORE fit then ones who have the cash to eat out every meal. We all know beans are dirt cheap so my theory is,... the poor have healthier bodies because beans are pretty much all they can afford!
I think we should have a bean revolution in the Family, maybe even write a GN about it.
I only wish I had eaten more beans as a child.
If your a dieter and eat salad for your main-corse, you may notice yourself hungry all the time and feeling like you could topple over if some one even blew on you, "TRY BEANS"! They'll make you feel healthy, help you slim down, and make you feel well fed.
If your a guy trying to build extra muscle but all that starch is slowing down your routine, "TRY BEANS"! They'll feed your muscles and give you a high relatable to three cups of coffee without leaving your head feeling heavy that way you can burn more fat and make more muscle!!

I am starting to believe the Illuminati down plays them because they want us to be weak and deprived of healthy lifestyles.
SCREW those freaking salad diets girls... they are leaving you pail and thin! Beans will help you lose unwanted wait and also tighten you up; you can forget about taking extra vitamins to compensate for the lack of nutrition in your cabbage diets!
I almost want to have my own kids JUST to make them learn bean nutrition facts. I'll like, raise a horde of athletes!
I mean, just look at the logistics, Brazil has the best soccer team IN THE WORLD... "BEANS"! The players eat beans!!
They are yummy too, Black beans are my personal favorites, throw in some whole rise and you have a full meal, you don't even need a salad!


For centuries, dried beans and other pulses have served as a primary protein source for many cultures. Dried beans and their cousins still are dietary staples in many parts of the world, though "modern," but not necessarily healthier diets are supplanting these nourishing foods from everyday and customary consumption. While developing countries’ populations may be turning away from highly nutritious and indigenous foods such as beans, many consumers in wealthier, more developed countries are adding more dry beans to their diets. Growing interest in various ethnic cuisines and knowledge of the benefits of eating more plant-based foods are contributing to renewed research and increased popularity and consumption of beans in certain countries.


According to the United Stated Department of Agriculture, analyses show that people who eat beans consume more vitamins and minerals than individuals who don’t eat beans.

A serving – 1/2 cup of cooked dry beans – supplies about 120 calories and lots of complex carbohydrates, though beans offer a low-glycemic index value. In other words, the carbohydrates in beans do not cause as quick or as steep a rise in blood sugar as do many other carbohydrate-rich foods.

Beans are a good source of B vitamins including folic acid. Beans also provide the minerals iron, potassium, selenium, magnesium and even some calcium. Dried beans and their cousins also are a good source of insoluble fiber, which promotes digestive health and relieves constipation. Beans also provide soluble fiber, which can help reduce fat levels in the blood.

Beans provide little fat and absolutely no cholesterol.

Don't be a fool, eat more beans!! Start today. I mean, where do you think we get all this sex-appeal.. do you think it just falls from off our Trees??

Sorry I could find nothing better to post about

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Jaz, Clare & Dune disse...

I whole-heartedly agree about beans. Some people may say gas is a factor, but if cooked right it shouldn't be. --Clare

iVn (aka Eric) disse...

cool beans
as Judy n Sac CA always has said.

I'm convinced,
dem black beans can be kind a powerful for my ole stomick

now I feel educated
& wanna share this with my organic Hopie Soulopie
& Maria Pearl Rose, (who is trying to loose WEIGHT(notice sp Ree :P)

And, it's funny
but true
what beans & if in mexico or there bouts, what jalapinos can do for you!

The Navy gets the gravy
& the Real Army of God
gets the BEANS


(i still wonder about the ferts:(

Anônimo disse...

wtv marie

angie disse...

i dont care what u say. i will eat no such thing.

thisisme disse...

I will disagree with you there doll.

We ate beans as our primary protein source in Romania. Three days out of seven it was a veriety of bean (the other days was cheese or liver or something)

I never felt weaker in my life. I lost twelve pounds (not a good thing, because I was 175... perfect weight for my hieght) and I was hungry nearly all the time.

There goes the bean theory in my books. Though, I can make a killer bowl of lentils.


mClay disse...

Dre, my bean theory is totally sound.
Iv got more to back it up then you have. One little under wait boy doesn't change a historically and scientifically proven FACT! I mean, my whole point was that beans are a healthier way to lose weight and u yourself stated that you lost weight out of it. If you felt hungry you should have ate more as you most likely didn't.

An as far as gas people, it jut doesn't fly any more. You'll get just as much gass from beans as you will from plenty of other foods that you eat daily. I mean, some chicks eat like freaking cabbage soup to lose weight, THAT my friend will give you gas!! Its about whats good for you people, how much is your health worth to you?

Anônimo disse...

funny, that day of your bean post

after reading,

I, without thinking too much bought a bean-cheese burrito

it usually came with black beans
which i dread a bit from past stomach perturbance,,,,jus that they are stroner, i guess.

This time the burrito had pinto beans,,a positive sign. :D

Anyways, normally i would only have beans once a day,,however, my dear friend judy gave me more pinto & maybe some red beans mixed with a lil wiener too.

I ate by faith in Reez Bean Word,

There were no bad after effects!

So, all things in modernation.

The strong n Spirit eat all things in Faith,,,is a good law of love.

The weaker eat herbs,
that's the Word. RM 14

But, presonally, I need prayer for Faith to eat Better & I'm sure this would be a great prayer for the rest of our in-training-endtime-warriors.


mClay disse...

Nice, ho, as I always say, if you wana change the world.. start with urself... B+ is for borrito w/chese!!...

Jaydee disse...

well, i ain't such a fan of beans, but maybe, i should try it. your whole post was quite convincing, and i say; if i die a beanie death, i'll be comin for you. to dre... maybe your right about the beans, but maybe also, Romania and Brazil are pretty opposite,so maybe their way of making "Beans" is too... lol

I'll give it a try...hahaha
I'll come for Ree if i die...