Happy Birthday Big Boy

I don't know about you, but my Christmas push has been AWESOME! This is what they mean when they say "Christmas Push" people, wake up, get the hell out and stay out! Sing at the top of your lungs while marching up and down the mall in full feathery, Christmas-geek attire. Sell as many CD cards as your basket will carry at the local night spot, by way of flirting with as many old rich guys as possible. ( Kisha and Nichole are Top Dogs in this aria.) Never has bright red lip stick looked so damn good, never have plat forms hurt so freakin bad.
Hit every car at the gas station. Plan/host benefit dinners, take a day to recover. Then, back to busking and singing our Merry little hearts out. Oh I know you would give anything to hear my voice go horse and crack out loud while trying to belt out "silent night", Rachelle Spring is our shiner! Those early morning vocal work outs DO pay off people!
But until that faithful day when your right next to me and I squeal my way through a "Con Me Borrito",(is that with two Rs?) photos will just have to do.

trust me, She's always this warm and fuzzy ...

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Anônimo disse...

1st impression
WOW, what pretty ,wonderful sisters we have!

Closer look
one by one on Big Picture

WOW,,it's Marie
SOOOO, Pretty, Beautiful

Then I read
and astounded at your Dedication, wholeheartedness, sacrifice, humor, talent, fruit

and Rewards

Words can't express
How Happy (almost to tears)
I am for you & your & ours!

Many Hevaenly Kiss

Ur S,,donor,,,
O mean

Jaydee and Terri disse...

Ha, Sounds Good Ree... Prayin you rock out with ya "____" out.

jason disse...


thisisme disse...

OMG! Kiesha is sooo pretty!!

mClay disse...

See Kisha you fool, every one likes you,
I v got a pic of Kisha on my Avatar and every one always says she looks beautiful!

Anônimo disse...

who are the three guys in the second pic?

mClay disse...

Say hello to, EZ, Phil, Mala
our musicians

Anônimo disse...

Very nice group you guyz have!
Luv you!

Anônimo disse...

I think I see U,,,on the front cover of link-up :D



Jaydee and Terri disse...

Yes, Kisha is verrry beautiful and hot and sexy, makes me feel lke butt dust when I'm around her.