I found the German air port to be nothing but one big adult play ground

When you find a sex shop dead center air port, you know your in another country. These photos are of the air port in Munich. There were a lot of other mouth watering sights such as the fully armed German guards.
Sadly other then the men and sex shops, most other sights were lukewarm or just plain cold, such as the food and the weather.

Everything can cost a hideous penny... even sparkling water ended up about 10 american, not so sparkling after you get the bill!  > :( 
However, as I found on my way back through, there are ways to shop that aren't as expensive. You just have to avoid thinking like a tourist 
One inspiring feature in the Munich air port was the series of small rooms available for rent. Just think, buy a few items from the sex shop, grab one of those fetching security guards and you're only a few 00 away from a good time.

from there we were a hop and a skip away from Serajevo! 

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Je Suis Petit disse...

OH WOW! Funny I couldnt find anything like that at the Paris international airport..wheres the love?? :P