Upon arriving there was a slight air of awkwardness. My little fire was kindled by the invitation to terminate it and I began asking too many questions and submerging every one in fine conversation :)
Unfortunately I soon became the victim of awkward vibes as the now acquainted and happy couple grew more comfortable and the need for privacy oozed from every gesture.
 A chaperone was sent for on my behalf.
I was mortified when (in a very foreign accent) he began addressing me as "babe". The horror turned to amusement that one could possibly be so arrogant as to assume I was or ever would be his "babe".
Meet Sadmir Hasani, AKA Dade.
The following day I was squired about town locked arm in arm with the very same, almost genetically modified male organism. As it turns out Sadmir is a Graduate from Serajevo's School of Culinary arts. He now owns his own Coffee shop/ pub in Breza. I supposed then that his peacock stride was accredited to being the only young man in Breza working for himself and owning his own home. Apparently I was mistaken as Sadmir is also a trained boxer, wrestler and Jujitsu ring fighter as well as fluent in three languages aside from his own. More then pretty feathers and a pocket full of dough equals Breza's finest bachelor, and all to myself  :P
I actually only spent about 15% of my time with Ivana and Damir. Sadmir shares my sense of adventure meaning we spent our time exploring Serajevo, eating out and meeting new friends.

had the opportunity to see everything, from small houses and farms way up in the mountains, to pulsing night spots and elegant social outlets. I couldn't have planned a better get away and even though my escort had to work half days and sometimes run back to the shop to make birthday cakes and the like, I was always amused by friends and local side shows. 

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