I got my driver's license the other day. Whats taken a ridiculously long time to see done I was able to take care of in a month and a half. The one giving me the driven test said I only made one mistake, "a crazy right hand turn".

All I really want is some time to get stuff done, its a "if you want something done you have to do it yourself" thing. Some times you just have to brake away, dig in and realise that your the only one going to make things happen for yourself.

Anyway, I'm tired and stressed... ran into one too many brick walls today.

I'm afraid a longer post would turn ugly.


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e-ric disse...

LOve U Ree
Bless all you do IJN

Sorry I never check our google blogs

more of power to ya

did u ever read "the shack"

sure is worth it

c ya