Ever have sex with an alligator?
I learned how this week when I got bumped up to bar tender.
I'm the only female bar tender at the baby A's Restaurant, sex appeal was needed behind the bar to up sales.
Lots of pressure but this far I'm catching on pretty quick.
Up side of bar tending is that people are always friendly when they want a drink. food makes people grouchy and demanding. The same girls who stiffed me on a wednesday night were introducing me to their single guy friends and cheering for me thursday night when I was put behind the bar.
I'm great with small talk anyhow.  Uping your sales has a lot to do with talking to people, keeping them there by means of "this conversation is so interesting" will get them to buy drink after drink while waiting for you to come back around as apposed to waiting tables where you do all the "waiting".

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