A Goode Wedding and a Surprise Ending

The wedding was beautiful. I would have to say simple, which just made it all the more romantic.

but you know it's not the food, the location or drinks but the people who make the party worth while. We had quite a crowed, it was like an old school reunion. We made good used of our time and slapped together some music. Samson Murphy was in the house so we used and abused him. I think the songs will be coming out shortly for your listening pleasure.

My family is having a baby boom, there were toddlers all over the place, it was crazy! Hearing things like "where's my kid"? And waking up to find your child being nursed along side his confused cousin, were not out of the norm. We all took turns caring for them, it was a lot of fun, the babies all look so much like their daddies. But as much fun as I had with them, I am "auntie"
and can always give them right back to thier owners when I'm through with them. I'm quite happy with this arrangement. We were actually shy three kids who had to stay back with their mommies and daddies. (God Bless you Sam, would having given my right peircing for you to have made it.

It was amazing to see such a large handful of relatives all in the same place, I think it was very emotional for a lot of us. A blend of smiles and tears.

Also, special thanks to Philly for gracing us with your presence, "you made JD super happy".... and you know some great drinking games>

Who knows the next time we'll be able to be together again, I don't wana think about it. The Lord always makes a way. but I can't tell you how blessed I am because the more appropriate word is spoiled.

So there we were, about two dozen of us standing out in the cold waiting for the bride to make her way down the snowy slope where my brother was waiting nervously.

He dropped Terry's wedding ring some where in the snow; we couldn't stop the wedding for the lack of a ring, might as well get matching tattoos. But as the bride made her way to her husband to be her foot loosened a clump of snow revealing the lost ring which she had no idea was missing. As if part of the ceremony JD walked over to her and picked up the ring while kneeling at her feet.

Their vows were made and cheers burst out from the crowed when they finally kissed.

I'm so happy my brother's heart has found a cozy little place to rest. For those of us who have seen him struggle and fight it was a crowning moment. Terry really is an amazing girl.

So Victor (old friend) began to play something on his acoustic guitar as the bride went to throw up her bouquet. For the sake of tradition as well as trying to be a good sport i positioned myself ready to catch the thing single women fear most. I looked around and found I was all alone. "cowards" I cried out while demanding the other girls join me. I'm not very superstitious but I did NOT want to be the one catching that thing. Terry threw it twice and no one made an effort to catch it. On the third try it went flying straight for my head. it was out of necessity I tell you, the freaking thing might have taken my eye out.

The after party was also a lot of fun, but it was the after, after party that I shall always remember. I think we were all having too much fun to take pictures of Philly balancing a broom, pizza box and what have you on his nose. Most of the pictures taken are formal ones, but they'll do.

The Jackson's (Namely my wife Jessica) Oh you didn't know I am married? Well my wife

provisioned an amazing hotel and breakfast for the newly-weds. She scorched the place with chocolates, flaming hot underwear "including a tux-thong for Jaydee (according to Terry he DID try it on) There was even a little fire place...very cool.

That night I slept in a massive bed across the hall with my best'est friend ever/wife/mother of my children. I missed you hun.

Here are a few great photos so you can feel the love.

Ok, I love you guys... Long live love!

PS, I'm wearing MC Hammer pants... can't touch this"

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iVn (aka Eric) disse...

SO U,,,REEE are the reporter,,hehe

I know u got more time than JD/TErri,,,4 shore

Great JOB


What a Reunion
only we know
what we have been through
to get here




jus kiding man


my phone is 381 539 8970

Offensive Forward

C ya

JESUS always Wins


Jess disse...

Aha! Marie....wow, you look good luv, in a pretty little dress and all. (Thank God you didnt shave your head, see how pretty you look with all that hair?) Beautiful wedding, Terry is beautiful, Jd looked happy...hehe and a ton of kids! (Kind of reminded me of that dream you told me, remember? :P)anyways, luv u and dont freeze to death!

Jaydee disse...

Thats cool Marie, glad you made it..I'll miss you.

just for the record so you can later go back and edit it...is that i in fact did not lose the ring...Tiffany did. I only found it...xxx

out peace

Queen Killjoy disse...

awww they all look so great....i'm sorry to have missed it. give jd and terri my love ree....and i'll see you very soon. :)

Anônimo disse...

no sei que em essa mulher

av disse...


Your sister? :)

mClay disse...

Aww JESS, I miss you ever so much too! The dream?? The one with all the kids calling me anything but mommy?? Dude... so many little guys running around, totally crazy... in a good way. LOVE YOU JESS

mClay disse...

I should delet http://allyoucanupload.webshots.com/v/2005813194039705758... its a horrible thing to do ...make me look sexier then I already am... but I find http://allyoucanupload.webshots.com/v/2005813194039705758 so funny... that... oh hell, I'll keep it