NYC Blues

What the heck am I doing here??

My first thoughts upon arriving in NYC. Its cold and its snowing.

I woke up on the ride over to my brother's country home, and all I could see was dead things covered in white. It's pretty when u see it in a picture, but if your actually feeling like one of those poor dead things out side, its not so breath taking. Well, maybe breath taking in that suffocating "I'm actually taking your breath away" kind of metaphor. I've been piling on as many layers of clothing as I can find so I'm starting to feel numb now, only people here refer to that numb feeling as "adjusting".

I miss Brazil, oh yeah you bet I do. This is one adventure I'm not so rived up for. I'm looking at the smooth country road out side, I could run it only I'm almost curtain the ice cold air will kill me three feet from the asphalt. Lucky for me the inhabitants are nice, JD's wife is the kind of girl who makes other guys feel like getting married, even Family guys!

ON this cold and lonely voyage, I have found comfort in some familiar faces, things like corn flakes ( for some reason we have cold breakfast cereal available), the universal Pop Corn, peanut butter... fast Internet service, oh and bath tubs. My hobby here consists of making my brother black beans while clicking my heals repeatedly to the sound of "there's no place like home, there's no place like home.

Did I mention my nephew is awesome?? I think there is genius flowing through his blood, he is very alert, a good sign, speaking of good signs, he is the First male Virgo to enter our family tree.

This just in

Sam Drummer just gave five bucks, some food and a blanket to a homeless confirming my opinion that he is a living Saint in the world of bastards and *&#$@%! God love you Sam.

I miss Brazil, did I already say that? Maybe I should be more on target, I Miss Sao Paulo/ the Embo home, Shawn (my little gentleman), the last face I saw. "You Can use my desk and maybe afterwards we could go to Lunch! His last words to me.

The Embo home gave me the biggest honours ever given to a short term member. There were musicians and elaborate songs, Prophecies, poetry and dancing. Also dear Nat spent some time playing cell phone games with me. I've never felt so loved before, and that's a very sad thing. It was like the best one night stand of your life where you spend years wandering if that was the some one you were supposed to spend the rest of your life with. You know when your relationship is on rocks but just before braking up your lover gives you the greatest sex you ever had as a couple?? I feel kind of like that, maybe I'm just twisted right now; going over the very many amazing memories you've planted in my head. How cruel of you! How cruel to my heart.

Do you really feel the same? And if so, how long will you wait for me? The gold nugget in life's muddy brook. My holly grail. OH SPITE!

I'm not sure I have the will to dig back in. Some where along the line, l have to be able to start setting up shop you know?

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Stephanie disse...

Finally! Thanks for the update!
Sorry about the cold I'll try to bring up a warm coat for you fit for upstate NY.

I guess Jaydee got it good... I'm the type of "wife" that confirms men's reasoning (in the family) why NOT to get married! Hahahahah! Sad but true.

Love you and sooo looking forward to seeing you.

iVn (aka Eric) disse...

WOW,,SWEET Update Daughter,,OXOXOXXO

Miss hearing from you, but that makesw up for it!

Happy your there
altho the snow

& Mt.6:33

Maybe you'll find a Snowman to melt n2 a Prince Charming!

Of course you have the Best Man Anytime

See ya


update us often

Teeny disse...

Hey hunny!! I miss hearing from you...it's been ages, how've you been?

Super mad I can't make it to the wedding, grrrr...couldn't get my paperwork on time.

I love you so much. xxxx

Josie disse...

ha, you're already there! love you ree, It was nice bumping into you a few times here in Sao Paulo. I'm praying for you...xoxoxo