This has been my month of catching up, my time away from the thing I hate being away from. My affair; my mutual romance with life outside the box, my adventure, which is at the moment "to be continued".
I am making goode use of my time away from the field. Is it ok that I spell good with a silent e??

I think you should know, right now I'm having a moment, although its hard to say what kind. I'm at peace but afraid. There are butterflies in my stomach yet I feel empty. I'm happy, but also there is a sneaky sort of sadness, kind of like a grey cloud swelling with rain just above the prancing little butterflies, a cold under current in tropical water. It's like... depression.
I think the sadness I feel isn't mine, thats why I don't really feel it.
I have way too much to be thankful for to be sad anyway. This month I was given a bundle of memories, memories of you smiling, some of you crying and others were a mix of the two. These memories will last me long after your gone.
So here's what I'm willing to do, I'm going to take this rainbow of emotion and savor it, every shade of brilliant yellow, orange and red, along side the blues. What are rainbows without the blues anyway?
No use being sad when your supposed to be happy, God wants us to enjoy the happy days, without them life is one big shade of blue. So if you don't mind, I'm going to enjoy my shades of yellow and I wont deny you the right to the blues although I'm sorry, I can't join you singing them. It's my turn to be Jazzed.
But I'll never forget your smile and I'll pray always for it to return. You deserve to smile again... but please don't rub off on me. I want to be happy, and if you let me...maybe even happy enough for the two of us.
oh no, this is a rant.. wana see some fun pics??

As soon as I arrived in California I was starving, so the guys toook me for lunch on the beach!

But then Jesse had to take off to Puerto Rico

So the next day Steph got me up at 6 to go on a six mile hike...Up!

umm.. the end.. 4 now

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Anônimo disse...

March on Strong

Thanks sooOOooo much Ree for your poetic rant from your depths

I miss you and all of my loves ones.

Jessie, WOW.
Puerto Rico will Rock.

Way ta Go.

Love you.

Martyn, pls communicate thanks, but I been checking up on you,,,in generalities anyway.

I will safe my other thoughts & loves, for my spirit helpers to help me sort out.

I Only & Always Pray you all to be Free from evil & Free in the Spirit ,,Happy & Healthy & Fruitful
as we war together, but apart.

Ree, that blue under-current reminds me of "when they say peace peace, then cometh sudden destruction" as the world is in birth panges to born a New Heaven & Earth.

But, I appreciate any specific prophecies if you get them!

Stay on the Golden Current you all & Wack any evil sea serpents with your shape oars or spinning blades!

See ya


angie disse...

sam looks gay

Queen Killjoy disse...

wow...creepy...jesse got..facial hair??? i love you ree, hun...be happy. bad stuff happens so that we'll appreciate the good. so cheers to the blue man group, so to speak, and embrace your yellows. i'm extremely aware that my ramblings may not have made much sense to you, but c'est la vie. at least i understand me. :)

Jess disse...

Mimi...I love you so much! I hope every things going fine with you. I'm praying, and I hope the blues your talking about isnt what I think it is...anyways, we should talk sometime. I'm in Curitiba already, pray I get use to the cold...hehe well it looks like its cold there as well. K take care, a gente se fala, se cuida mulher!

Anônimo disse...

who r all these strange people

jus kidding

in heaven we will all get to communicate,,dah




jus kidding kid


whats with our family
who dont even say hi
to me???

clue me in

my PPpreeecccious


have web cam?

vn quixoti

thisisme disse...

Aha! I knew you hadn't drowned like the rumors said, just were hiding for awhile, that is all. Well glad you had fun (I hope that was the general feel of it, no?) and yes... go crazy for April fools day eh?

Aslkajack disse...

Wow Marie, your pictures and story are completely intertwined. (Smell the sarcasm.) Did Jesse really go to Puerto Rico?? Sam's looking good and so is Steph!! Where are you now?? I still have those clips with your Russian Portuguese on it. Wink wink... love you!

Anônimo disse...

to see one smile brings joy to a lonely heart. We love u clay and pray for u always
the Murphys

Teeny disse...

hahah, Jesse's such a darling. I love him.

You seeeeeriously need to write me, Rie. I miss our talks about nothing, hehe. I love you so much! xxx

michael basham disse...

Oohh I'm so happy to see they have Starbucks in Mexico! This blog is really cool, I have to say... you have a lot of very inspiring things in here! I really don't know anything about the Family in Mexico... the nearest I got was Waco, Texas WordStock 2....