Sparkling Adventures

So it at last was time to brake open the clay pig. Every one is given a share of the extra percentage and sent off to have a fun filled vacation where ever they chose. My choice was an easy one, so off to Sao Paulo I went.

But first things first, hit the beach YOU Sexy Animals You!!

So THEN I took off and I'm glad I did. SP is pretty freaking cool, but not so much the place as the people, the just crazy, weird, strange, hippie people who didn't seem to give a damn about anything other then Jesus, trees and every opportunity hey could find to get dirty. Like the time when a rain storm hit and on impulse Shawn through off the balcony a huge black tarp. It was as if he had been waiting for that rain storm his whole life. We all helped slide the tarp down the hill and every one took turns sliding (throwing each other) down the hill side. Now sliding is a nice word, but really, once you hit the end of the tarp you don't stop. A whole bunch of clay, mud, sticks and rocks are waiting to take you ALL the way down. Thank the Lord my arms and legs were already destroyed by the "sparkling adventure" we took up a wild Mountain. There were more things to keep you fro getting to the top then there where to assist you in the climb. I'm telling you that jungle was so think I couldn't see the person five feet directly in front of me. So now my bum was matched with the rest of me.

The rain subsided about as quickly as it began so I was able to get some shots. Notice all the sexy guys... AMEN??

Only thing sexier then a half naked Gypsy King is a Muddy, half naked Gypsy King! AMEN!

Behold the city in ruins

Every one else was sure to use protective foot wear.... but there's just something about Kevin, necessity loses face when sized against yellow flip flops.

Anyway, I know what your thinking, ''YOU Bohemian Animals''! But verily I say unto you, we did more then just exhaust every possibility for a good time. There were moments loving The Lord under a blanket of crystal stars, monopoly games that never met their end, and towers of dominoes that we sent crashing to extinction, accept for this rare beauty that I was able to steal forever in time.

Not even Solomon in all his glory

Anyway, I hope that will keep your greedy little interests at bay long enough for me to find out just what the heck I'm going to do with the next chapter of my life. Love and Sparkling Adventures to you all.


oh yeah, we ate a lot of pizza

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