at Perlas expense...

cause I don't care wahahahaaaAAAA!!!

most of my girl friends are on the bigger side, not fat or chunky, just... well rounded, full... BUt thats Just how Brazilian guys like it which is one thing I will miss most about Brazil. Guys here even like muscles on girls.
But something that a lot of bigger girls think and ALWAYS talk about, is the seeming "fact" that guys like weaker woman, not just physically, but often mentally as well.
So who better to ask then a guy and from what I gather, guys are more willing to tell the truth then we are to listen.
I was super happy to find two great guys who openly shared the TRUTH, and nothing but the truth so help them God.
I spent some time sorting through data and here is what I got, to all you chicks who think its in to be slim...


? ) y do guys like weak girls??

J ) so they dont kick our butts...

Me )true...

J )I guess its just the guys you know are silly, they dont like a strong woman, Most men do though, some guys are just insecure about them selves and need to feel strong...so they go to whinny women .... I don't like them tho

J ) but you rock and thats all that matters ....I hope one day you find a guy like me.

Me) Haha, So do I.


? ) y do guys like.. weak, gragille little girls? Fragile*

S )who's fragile...are you talking bout mentally, or physically?

Me ) both

S ) hmm me personally i don't like weak minded chics, they bother me...body wise, you can do a whole lotta position with a lil chic. but she can't be fragile or tht just defeats the purpose.

Me ) Haha, foolish, but yeah I always thot that.

S ) it really depends fer wut though, and also the kind of guy.

Me ) I guess, just seems most guys like small girls.

S ) well depends fer wut though a relationship or sexual. regardless if she's big or small she should be good in bed.

S ) Also, the guy will be concerned if ur wanting more from him emotionally, most guys aren't down for that. More emotionally evolved girls are usually the ones looking for those sort of things.

Me ) what if she is just frisky, and very giving in bed? Will you presume she wants more from you??

S ) yea, anything.. as soon as a guy senses tht, he'll put up that wall.

Herm, now here are just two guys, not all think alike, but to me these were very honest answers. I also think its about how u carry yourself girls, you have to know what to do with what God gave you AMEN!!

Forgive the foolish videos, we were having a free day and could find nothing better to do. I' don't normally act flertty...was just trying it on. no?? sob...
To me, Perl is THE perfect shape, but others could think she is lacking 10 kls in which case she would be me HAHAHA...you say tomatto I say tomatoo...

Anyway, GUYS, tell her she is beautiful and beautiful she'll be.


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Anônimo disse...

SO0OOooOOoO Cute, Lovely , WONderful! I think you are really MOrphying Brasilian, which is way cOOl!

Good_e to see new pics & funny things you do!

Keep Delighting
in HIS Lightening
& He will keep sending
the Most Exciting!

C ya


O & Happy Feast Prep
and a Super Offensive
(satan is gonna be soooooooOOooOOoOO offended,,lol)

Love ya

thisisme disse...

What insufferable garbage!!.. I'm a guy.. I can't stand weak-minded girls..

all in the spirit of love of course... teehee:P

Jaydee disse...

Cute, sis...Real cute...
ya Losing (loveness?) like crazy. must be the beans. Hope to see you soon. Out peace

Jaydee disse...

I see my Video clips are contagious...

mClay disse...

I don't get any of you... dre, I dare say there was a time when u fell over heels for a small chick.
But thank the Lord there aren't many weak-minded girls in the family...ehemm

thisisme disse...

Yes that true, I did. But you must understand she was small but far from being weak-minded in any way.

mClay disse...

well, Family chicks have good heads on their pretty little necks so yes, Im sure she was smart n all, but the who thing is thin,, always the thin ONES WAHAHA, its a USA thing I think, also Japan likes girls that was