she breaths and the rise of her chest signals him to stop.

in her eyes are those thoughts

the ones hes been avoiding all this life.

he doesn't know why, but tonight

he is miles away from familiar ground.

She holds his face but he can't make out what she says.
her whisper, her touch, begging for home
a place neither have ever known

when they close their eyes they can see it
an orange sunrise cast over turquoise beaches

the smell is so tangible you could almost believe
Once you in hail her fragrant weed
Beautiful because its venomous
Violent because she is uneducated
begging her neighbors to take interest
in the treasures she displays at her breast
he'll for that moment believe
in immortality
And in her is where he plants his seed

He looks down to where she is spread
never cared to ask what it was she said
Neglecting to thank her for her occupation

the joy of knowing you once lived without regret
and all it cost you was your consent

Dream dreamer of her jeweled neck
The drop of perspiration dripping down her back

Believe believer in her jealous seas
tremble all who are on deck
not a soul is free from the shade of her beauty
but the infant conceived


So some guy shaved my back the other day, and last night another stabbed me in tha face with two huge needles... more on that later.

So I know a lot of my close friends have been meaning to talk to me about something. I have morbid humor, not that what I wrote do I think is in anyway funny, it hurt like hell! But in general I find the things that excite my laughter are to most people morbid, or just plane stupid.
I would like to apologies in advance for my blog in that case, pls try and understand, this blog is home for now... I keep those sweetish things that tickle my fancy here.

In other news, tomorrow I'll be saying "tchau" to Rio and "Oi" to Sao Paulo where I doubt I'll be online much.
I would like to say a huge I love you to all the amazing people here in the VG home.
"I am going to miss you guys a lot"! Your very dear to me.
Its hard to pick out just what it is I'll miss most, the music, the beer, all the people in my home... Every time I go out I try to take in the sights as much as I can, Rio is SO beautiful.
I can honestly say the best birthday of my life thus far has been here, waking up on that Mountain with Rafa to my left and Mala snoozing softly to my right, the misty air we took in with deep breaths on that AMAZING yet long walk home. Chillin, waiting while Rach does her set, you have an Amazing voice Rach, I hope some day every one gets to hear more of it...miss you guys sooo much.
I love you... deep breaths now....deep breaths.

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Jaydee disse...

Man...I love the lil Ballerina

Jess disse...

Thank you JD....

thisisme disse...

Gasp?!.. who IS that stunning little butterfly... must be a relative of Tinkerbell or something.

mClay disse...

no one said Jack about my spelling...