So Sadmir's English has been getting much better with one exception, the darling is starting to talk like me. Words like, totally, nice and dude are surfacing more and more in my conversations with him. "Dude" a word that unlike "positively" is not sexy when said in a Bosnish accent. Say Mountain Dew, now just say Dew, new say Dewd.... there you have it! Not to mention its just weird hearing him use my words, in fact! Hearing my boyfriend turn his beautifully primitive English into pop culture slang isn't attractive at ALL! So if its not sexy for Sadmir I've decided its not sexy for mua! Along with this year's other new resolutions, I'm going to work on my English, for the sake of progress but also for the sake of my silly, darling that he may have the chance to speak the English language with all the savvy and pizzazz I know is better suited for him! 

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