Raining Money

I went to deposit a wad of cash into my account when a gust of wind blew all but a few bills from my grasp. Imagine 20s, 10s, and 5s along with a hundred plus ones exploding into the air in a burst of agonizing glory.
At first all I could do was laugh as I stood there dazed as if it was some kind of bizarre dream, I expected at any moment Bat Man and a mob of giraffes were to emerge from the bank doors and begin parading threw my falling money.
From the corner of my eye I could see my sister racing after the money, following her was a young man, an old woman and then the bank manager. Ironic as it was the one least concerned with retrieving it was the one it belonged to, yours truly. I guess I felt the way I do with most things, "why bother chasing after it?".Anything thats meant to be mine will simply follow me around".
My sister was now on all fours scooping money into her skirt. I finally came to and grabbed at fives that seemed to dance around my legs. I always feel so stupid chasing after things, is anything really worth losing breath over? Its the oddest thing but my only motivation was the calories I was sure to burn chasing my hard earned money.
As I looked around every one seemed so delighted to be running and chasing down these impossibly fast paper monies, indeed just like a dream. I wondered if any of them were planning on keeping it.
I don't think any of us thought we would manage to retrieve it all.
It was the strangest thing how we all laughed and made jokes, how could something like this happen? Never mind, it's Awesome!
If you've never seen the sky raining money you've never lived.
After there didn't seem to be any more money to retrieve I was reunited with mangled fistfuls of green . Every one was eager to see just how much we managed to get back (or rather just how much I managed to lose).
Drum Roll please" All but one dollar was unaccounted for. Its possible I didn't count it right the first time to begin with meaning ALL the money was found.
It was amazing.
The Manager of my bank loves telling people this story using "Lets see if Chase will do that for you" as a punch line/slogan.
This isn't an anecdote but if it was the lesson would be, Chase bank wont chase after your money for you. And, Don't expect some one else to reach out and obtain your dreams for you, even though they just did... in this real life story... hu....

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Stephanie disse...

I love this post!!!! Hahaha!

mClay disse...

haha, can you see the mental picture Steph?