I'm not a fitness buff, I've been the chubby kid my whole life but what I am is active and maybe I've got a slight attention disorder. Its not easy for me to sit around thinking about something, the idea of choosing a career other then my choice to be a missionary was a pain in the butt.
There were a few things I felt I would be good at, like people relations (boring) a teacher (ick) maybe beauty and salon "cosmetics" (in my genetic make up and possibly still in the cards). My day to day life had one constant, one encrypted programing that I could say for sure was a part of me "A,D,D" ...or maybe just movement, dance! I could do that on a day to day basis sure.
I thus squished all the above into a box with a label on it and that label read "Group Fitness Instructor".
PR, Teaching, beauty, movement and dance! Bam!
Even with my short attention span the idea stuck and I woke with the thought every morning for about a year and a half.
Today I took my first quiz and I am proud to say I got 100%.
My first two days of study were nerve wrecking as it turns out I am having to study mostly anatomy and body science which means a lot of big words and your FULL attention is required in order to read 10 pages of pure glycolytic (a word even my spell check disagrees with) pathways.
I am still nervous but after this first quiz I am developing a little more faith in myself and the Lord's leading for this career. I know the mental stretching is only half of the job because in order to sell myself as a professional I am required to maintain utmost care of my body and condition myself as an athletic person would. I don't know how I am going to do this as my body seems immune to all forms of diet and exercise, toning is almost a foreign language I've never been able to grasp.
For now I do my best, its even tougher when you spend 3 or more hours on your ass but I am fighting along to maintain a balance that will create the perfect homeostasis for my unique body type.
Wish me the best.

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