living the future

    The children's mental ward doesn't allow us to take pictures of the kids but we can take pictures of our general activities.       Not many things in this world can compare  to Michelle's face.... Lord knows what she'll do with that spatula.     We bring a little life,  a bit of music and a lot of love to these kids, just like we've always done.      Special thanks to Michelle for coming to see me. I love you woman!! So great to see you again! And to "I Hop" for donating all the pancakes for the kids and Mike Dart "Activity Director"

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Michelle Lavigne disse...

Hahaha, priceless.

I love you too sweetie. Come visit me sometime!

mClay disse...

Canada is on my list

Je Suis Petit disse...

Você esta muito linda, meu amor!!! Beijos...saudades..